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Great Patient Relations
Dr. Kevala has a great way with patients. She really tries to figure out what your needs are as she is doing your adjustment. I felt comfortable right from the start and I have only seen her twice. Nanette C.

Life Saver
I am a new patient to Dr. Kevala’s office and I am very pleased with the friendly professional nature of Dr. Kevala and her staff. I love that I can make an appointment online or by phone. I was extremely pleased that at my fist visit I was able to be examined and adjusted and left the office feeling much better. I feel with Dr. Kevala’s help I will be pain free in no time. Marie C.

As good as always
I have been a patient of Dr. Kevala’s for over 6 years and would recommend her to anyone. Her treatment has prevented surgery for me and I would choose her before seeing a medical doctor. Whether I see her for maintenance or a new problem I know I am always in good hands. Thank you Dr. Kevala for all of your TLC.
Linda Z.

She is the best
I had not been in to see Dr. Kevala in a long time, since I had been doing so well. Then I fell two days before my appointment and was quite sore.Dr. Kevala adjusted me in several places, and I felt immediate relief. It is 24 hours later and I feel like a new person. Nina R.

Always a pleasure…
Though I had not been to see Dr. Kevala for some time, she was just as “in tune” with my condition as when I last visited her. I had forgotten her methods of adjustment to relieve pain, which are so non-invasive and relaxing that I wanted more. I always want more, and need it too. I will be back more often! Valerie E.

She actually listens !
Dr. Kevala always wants to know how you are doing as her patient and never hesitates to adjust her own approach towards treating your ailment. Her keen interest in your health is second to none. Greg K.

More than 10 years…
I have been a patient of Dr. Kevala for more than ten years. That in itself should be more than adequate recommendation/review. However, a couple weeks ago I mentioned a condition that had bothered me for about four years, but I never imagined it would be a chiropractic issue,. so I never mentioned it to her before. Imagine my surprise and elation when she knew just what to do and in one treatment the situation cleared up to a large dgree. With two more treatments I am finally free of it. Susan S.

Effective and knowledgeable – what a combination!
Seeing Dr. Kevala is always a positive experience. I think her skill set and her commitment to continually add to her education and experience make her the most effective chiropractor I’ve seen. She is definitely not a one-treatment-fits-all practitioner, and I appreciate the difference she makes in my health. I feel very confident in referring her to others. Elisabeth I.

The best chiropractor hands down!
In one visit she assessed, diagnosed, and began treating my lower back pain. She’s quick with quick long lasting results. As a nurse, I’ve appreciated her explanation from a physiological standpoint and her ability to really listen to the patient. What she does makes sense. She’s a gem and I highly recommend her!! Susan C.

Remarkable and lasting relief.
I have been treated by several different chiropractors for neck pain over the past 20 years. Dr. Kevala is the first one who correctly diagnosed what was wrong, and then provided treatment that has brought remarkable relief. I have learned a great deal from her about my body. I highly recommend you consult with her. Rebecca P.

She is a great Doctor
When u go in there you dont wait a long time and all the staff is really nice. Dr. Kevala is great she is very polite and is gentle. She doesnt just crack you then push you out the door she ask you questions and really cares how you are doing. Katrina H.

Dr. Kevala does wonders with my back and neck problems that periodically show up. Within two days I am back to new! I have and would continue to recommend her services. Results is exactly why I go to Kevala Chiropractic, results is what I get everytime. Tina P.

Dr.Kevala is great!
After three visits she resolved my back issue for. I came to her in extreme pain, she stretched the area and gave me some Pills for ” Acute Pain, that helped a lot. I thought for sure that I would be out of commission for at last two weeks., however I was good to go after the third visit. She is the most gentle “cracker” Nina R.

Dr. Kevala is an exceptional Chiropractor
Before finding Dr. Kevala, I thought I’d have to always drive to Glendale for adjustments for my chronic condition. In addition to her continuing health education she is an excellent manipulator. She is not a bone popper/cracker type Chiropractor. She uses some of Dr. Good Heart’s applied kinesiology & acupressure. She has full knowledge of the relationship of nerves, muscle to bones & pain. Referrals have been 100% satisfied. She can handle old bones, too. Dianne C.

Dr. Kevala is the BEST!!!
I have had many chiropractors over the years and she is the best. She is caring and helpful. She makes herself completely available to you as a patient!!
Rhiannon P.

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